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Homecoming this year just made me happy.  I was asked to go to a dance for the first time even though I already knew I was going with him... you know what... how about some highlights from this week:

Monday: was fiesta dress up day.  Monopoly man dressed up, and he looked awesome.  The homecoming court was announced, and to many people's disappointment, Kyle Niemer was not on the court.  We had a homecoming skit dress rehearsal after school that day, and right after Mike finally asked me to homecoming.  (He claimed he was going to put something away, came back to the band room with a dozen roses, got on his knee and asked me)  I got complimented in dance class by the teacher.

Tuesday: was clash day.  Mike outdid me... it looked like his closet exploded on him.... and um... nothing much else happened that was noteworthy.  Stayed up way past bedtime to do homework

Wednesday: which is a word I still can't spell, was "When I grow up day."  Wore a baret and sunglasses to be an actor... changed it to "Starving artist" but people just kept on asking why I wanted to be French when I grew up.  Helped Joel with the salsa danced, helped Kevin, Katie, and Lina with their monologues.  Auditioned for the fall show... went great... but I still don't think I'll make it.  Drew drove us home... enough said.  Made Blondies with some help from Abuela

Thursday:  was tie dye day.  Wore a humongous shirt.  Salsaed in the hallway... stressed over skit.  Rolled around the floor in the hallway with Flappy.  Sixth month mark!  Gave Mike the Blondies, (get it crewbies?  haha  Mike didn't. )  He and Flappy and whoever else ate them said they were great.  yay!  I can cook!  Flappy officially named me a housewife.  Rolled on the floor some more.  Went to dance.

Friday: went to school early, practiced the skit, was generally stressed out.  Talked to Mr. Lud.  hardly ate lunch, performed the skit.  Mr. Lud screwed up.  it's alright.  people liked our dancing.  got my nails done.  Mike and I left the float decorations in Mrs. Hicks's room.  We freaked out.  Christina and I worked on a project.  Made paper flowers. Last minute ordered Boutennier

Homecoming: Got up early.  Got ready.  went to Pancake breakfast.  Was compared to a Koala bear.  went to auditorium to get paper mache head.  Mr. Woods brought the pinata and other decorations to the auditorium the day before.  We were happy.  Decorated the float, marched in parade.  blew bubbles.  Flappy and I danced to the drumline while marching.  Varun gave us a ride home.  I sat on a cupholder... it was scary.  Got ready for the game.  Mike picked me up, we went to the game.  It started to rain.  Duke was scary.  We lost by a lot. I like short sentances today. Mike was smooth as seen in our following convo:
Gaby:  I don't see why the cheerleaders want to get out of here so badly, it doesn't take that long to get ready.
Mike: Well they have to work a little harder than you to look pretty. 
ok.  So got ready for the dance.  Looked pretty damn hot.  people came.  Mike, Katie, Doose, Veronica, Caitlyn. and some parents.  few minutes later Kevin and Mike came.  Flappy began to call Mike my husband (oh boy).  went outside for pictures.  Joel, other Mike, and Mandy came.  took more pictures.  went in basement.  left for resteraunt.  Went to WIldfire, which is awesome.Had a lot of fun.  Scott joined us, so we had four pilots talking and four Mikes at the table.  We blinded eachother with more pictures and told secrets behind plates and napkins.  Mike called me beautiful... then realized he forgot the tickets.  I started to freak out.  he called his mom and figured something out.  then he started to freak out cuz we were running low on time.  we ate a delicious meal. then ran to the car.  YAY HEELS.   Got to the dance with 10 minutes to spare.  and lo and behold, little Tommy was there with our tickets.  Oh lord we owe that kid big.  so the dance was amazing.  It was the first time I enjoyed the song "Hips don't lie" only because he and I salsa-ed.  Wow... everything seems to be about him and I.  eh... if you were getting sick of that you'd be done reading by now.  anyway... um... Flappy, Caitlyn, Katie, I started a sandwich train.  Mike actually joined... it was surprising.  A lot of things were surprising that night.  He acutally started to grind. O.O  very surprising... and there was only one fucking slow dance.  ONE and it was PIANO MAN.  jeeze.  we waltzed and other stuff...yeah... but still only ONE.  then we waited for Mandy and Mike.  Mandy totally ditched Joel who was her date.  She was so rude to him!  And Joel was outside for the last few songs of the night because one of the Deans was an asshole.  He said he could come back in, but NOOO he changes his mind... and poor Joel is stuck outside.  The poor kid had the crappiest night.  Then we went to Mike W's house for dessert and played Taboo.  and it was a lot of fun. any more questions?  ok... well I miss you Chelsea, Ingrid, and Alex.  I hope you're having fun at your colleges. 
Keep Smiling,
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