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I'm in a porno...

Man I wish CHRISTINA would E-MAIL ME the STORY so you could read it... ok... lemme start from the beginning...

So, I went to Casey's party Friday night.  we went to Jade dragon where I "egged" Dan.  That sparked quite a few jokes for the rest of the evening.  So we ate food and went back to Kacey's house.  on the way back, my hip, calf and back were hurting like crazy, but I still ran, considering I was being chased by Alyx.  it was hilarious when she caught me.  I screamed so loud. 

So we played DDR and Karaoke, well... not me though... I was running around outside with Dan, pretending to be trees, and annoying Chris through a window.  that was pretty sweet man, considering the tree was ticklish. 

Then Ingy arrived and we watched her draw a bit, when an evil pillow fight pillow hit her.  I feel terrible considering I was part of that pillowfight.  Thankfully, the mark it made wasn't big.  I'm sorry, Ingy!  Ingrid actually convinced me to draw some more, so I did.  VAMPIRES.

And the night continued.  I "raped" Caitlyn a few times, because she was being evil to herself.  We ran around some more and put in Nightmare before Christmas.  The rest of the gang came around, including Christina and her Sidekick.  We put in Charlie and the Factory, while Christina showed me a porn story Hunter had written at crew one day, which I'll post as soon as she sends it to me. 

I must say, HUnter has horrible English and is a really bad writer, but that's not what this is about....

Here's the story: Hunters story Jill woke up feeling like a million bucks, because she had just had the night of her dreams with the man she loves. She walked into the bedroom with a feeling that made her feel like the king of the world. Jill was sprawled on the bed with only her heels on, he couldn't help but make a growling noise as he strode toward the bed, slipping off his clothes as he walked. Jill was amazed by his gracefullness as he strode toward the bed. He stopped short of the bed, and with a flurry of speed and energy, removed all his clothes in one gracefull movement. Jill was on the verge of exploding, and she felt a sensation spread quickly throughput her body. She wasn't sure how to feel as he procceded to caress her naked body, starting with her small, yet beutifull, toes and moving up to her hips, small, and blemish free. Mark felt like he was sporting a flagpole, and proceded to attempt to slow down, but failed, he couldn't stop. He didn't truely love her, but he had been working her for three months, so by god he was not only going to enjoy this, but he planned to screw her brains out. For just one second, he felt bad for using her for her steaming body, but this soon passed as he entered her. He wasn't the best Jill has ever had, and because of this, Jill felt increasingly uneasy as he rushed the whole foreplay stage, obviously he wanted to get right down to business. Jill had a short shiver as she realized she was actually liking it. Their tangled bodies flipped over and off the bed, making a large "thump" as they hit the floor. Mark hit the floor first, and just as he hit the ground he rolled over, trying to land on her, but before he could shift his weight, she had jumped up, and by the time Mark realized she was gone, she was already warming up the shower. Mark got up, and walked briskly to her, slightly frustrated at the fact that he hadn't noticed her missing earlier. As he got close, she gallavanted into the shower, her background of being a dancer very obvious by her gait. Before he could get any closer, she began to play with herself. She screamed and moans of plaeasure. Mark grabs from her wide hips and starts to taste her down her body. Her skin tasted like a perfectly made milkshake, silky and clean. The water from the shower went down their entangled bodies, slightly cold, but that's the way Mark liked it. Jill's nipples became very hard as Mark went down her body, starting at her hips, and working his way in. He places her to the floor of the shower and works her way in with his way in with his fingers and tongue. "Oh my god!!!" she screamed and moaned. Rapidly, his tongue continuiously moved across her pussy and his fingers slowly moved in and out of her. She continued to moan and groan, while the warm water from the shower caressed their bodies. She bent completely over, and moved her fingers through his hair, having an orgasm as he completly pleased her. Suddenly she was overcame with a feeling of complete sancity. She was eveywhere and nowhere at once. She could feel the dopamene coursing through her brain. She flew away into the land of prosperity and happiness. At that moment she didn't care about any of her problems, only about staying in this sanctuary of love. Finished with their mascarade of love, they rolled off over and fell asleep. You'll see a lot of similarities between me and the main character "Jill."  for instance:

  • Jill has tiny toes, I have fetus-feet.
  • Jill has wide hips, HELLO! Puerto Rican booty typing right here.
  • Jill galavants to the shower, I galavant before/after performances at Central accross the stage.
  • Jill's "background of being a dancer is easily shown in her gait," Who's been dancing for almost thirteen years?  That's right, ME.

So there you have it.  I've been written into a porn story by Hunter. 

I'd like to know why he thinks I taste like a milkshake though.  XD

ok... so enough about porn...

Yesterday, I helped to throw a suprise sweet sixteen for Heinie.  I got all dressed up, and I must say, I felt really pretty.  Too bad there was only one guy there to see me!  XD

I wore this purtiful blue silky halter dress.  it was sinched at the sides and had a sash hanging down the front.  so SUPER DUPER low cut though.


Kristen (Heinie) had no idea about the party at all!  It was AMAZING.  We all stood up on Ryan's banister dressed in formalwear and in comes Kristen and Ryan from their Salsa lesson (a diversion to set up the party), and she was stunned.  so was everyone else for the matter so I broke it by running down the stairs in my heels and glomping her.  then we ate.  opened presents, laughed a lot, watched Cinderella, since that was the theme, and fooled around.  Ry and I polkaed. ^^ it was awesome. 

so yeah, I have to do homework... soon.

Keep Smiling,



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