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The time at last has come to let you all know, that I have a terminal blood disease called Stikkitodamoneosis. I found out today after my doctor's appointment. They had a blood test done on me because my mom thought I was anemic because I'm so pale. Turns out my own blood is killing me slowly.

Stikkitodamoneosis is not contagious, it's a genetic defect that shows up around our age. What happens is the blood cells aren't produced as quickly as normal, and those that are produced don't carry enough oxygen to my limbs (hence why my hands and feet are always so cold) as well as they explode because their cell membrane is too permeable (which means too much water can be absorbed by the cell).

They say I'll live for another five months.

If you want to talk about it, to know what I'm leaving you in my will, give me a call on my cell phone.

I'm really scared you guys. I really don't want to die.

I love you all.

Keep Smiling,

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