i_have_boydism (i_have_boydism) wrote,

I'm still living... just not really LJing

 I'm alive.  Wow.  I haven't posted in a year... maybe two...
I'm going to Illinois State University for Acting (I'll be a COLLEGE FRESHMAN EEEk)
I've gotten a lot better at drawing/painting, but I've been ignoring Deviant Art because it's really time-consuming to post anything up there.
Mike dumped me last August, but that's ok because Brendan, my current boyfriend, treats me better than Mike ever did.
I've started collecting key chains... I probably have the longest keychain in Illinois right now.
I got another dog, his name is Balto and he is rediculous!
Been in a LOT of shows since I last posted... and was the Drama Club President.
My laptop broke. :(
And I work at Steppenwolf now.... and am currently a volunteer for a camp with the House Theatre...  I can't wait til I can audition for them!
Um... I love Shakespeare... I've actually been reading a LOT in general now.  One comic book/graphic novel ALL of you should READ is called "Fables" by Bill Willingham.  The art is amazing and the story is epic.  READ IT.  GET OBSESSED NOW!!!
I'm still Gaby though... just a little wiser and more tired version of the last person you read.  
Chelsea and Ingrid, when would you like to have cake-bake/COOKie day?
Oh... Listen to the Academy Is... Ludo and MyChemical Romance... THEY ARE GODS
um yeah... if you still want to catch up... if there's anything I haven't covered feel free to ask and I shall respond... whatever your question may be.  

Nice typing to you again.
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